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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Air Conditioning work?

When the Summer Season peaks and temperature increases, people usually find the comfort of air conditioning. There are various types of air conditioners within the Portable and Fixed sectors.

What actually happens inside an Air Conditioning Unit..

Warm air from the environment is removed and cycled to pump out cycled cool air. The compressor cools FREON gas, causing it to become hot pressured gas. This runs through the coils of the unit to dissapate its heat which then condenses into a liquid. The FREON liquid runs through an expansion valve and in the process, it evaporates to become cold, low pressure gas. This cold gas runs through a set of coils that allow the gas to absorb heat and cool down the air.

Air Conditioners also clean the air through the build in filters. This is why the Fixed and Portable units have to be serviced on a regular period. Air Conditioning units also remove excess water from the air.


What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is quite simply a cooling unit to reduce the air temperature. There are various types such as Air To Air, Split Air Con, Industrial Spot Cooling and Evaporative Cooling. The type of unit depends on the application.


How do I know what type of air conditioner to hire?

It all depends on factors such as ceiling height, room size, number of windows and doors in the room, number of people in the room, access points to the room and types of equipment in the room (computers, machinery etc). On average, you need to provide around 130W of cooling for each m2 of the area with a standard 8ft ceiling height.


How much on average does a Portable Air Conditioner cost to run?

On average around 10p per hour. However this will vary on usage and type of air conditioner.


What is a Portable Heater?

A portable heater can range from a basic electric 3Kw heater for domestic use right through to Indirect, Direct and Jumbo Heaters for Marquees, Events, Industrial and Construction use.


What applications do you provide Portable Heating for?

We supply heaters for a variety of applications. If the heater hire is long term, we also provide separate fuel tanks on site to allow seamless consistent use.

  • Emergency Breakdown
  • Marquee Heating: Weddings, Events, Conferences
  • Facilities Management
  • TV, Film and Broadcasting
  • Construction


What type of Heating units do you supply and hire?

We supply and hire:

  • Electric Heaters
  • Direct Heaters
  • In-Direct Heaters
  • Jumbo Industrial Heaters
  • Domestic/Commercial


Cooling 4 U
  • EMERGENCY Air Conditioning
  • Server Room Cooling
  • Medical Application
  • Live Events
  • TV, Film and Broadcast
  • Marquee Cooling
  • Education
  • Facilities Management
  • Office Cooling
  • Hotel, Gym and Leisure
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Horticulture
Heating 4 U
  • EMERGENCY Breakdown
  • Live Events
  • TV, Film and Broadcast
  • Marquee Heating
  • Education and Sports Halls
  • Facilities Management
  • Hotel, Gym and Leisure
  • Construction
Drying 4 U
  • Flood Control
  • Flood Restoration
  • Building Drying
  • Insurance Restoration




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